509 Research Methodology

Action Research in ELT

This course is designed for postgraduate students as a theory and practice course. It is intended that students will be practically acquainted with the concept of curriculum design and developing materials for classroom teaching. Students will be made aware of different types of syllabi in their respective subjects used and suggested by syllabus designers and practitioners from different Universities. Then they will be required to evaluate existing syllabi of schools and Universities of Nepal and make possible adaptations. Students will adapt and develop materials and use them practically. The materials include materials for teaching language aspects and skills as well as teaching aids. They will also be acquainted with the use of CALL in the ELT class.

Course Introduction

This course is designed to give practical exposure to the ELT student in teacher training.  Internship is organized to provide opportunity to students to practice the learned knowledge and skills in their specialization in a real work situation. Students would be trained to adopt and be able to contextualize their knowledge on guided exposure to real work situation. Objectives, outcomes and activities of the internship program is developed by the individual student under the guidance of work supervisor and approved by the internship coordinator assigned by School of Education.

Credit cannot be given for an internship or similar work you have already completed.

Tutor: Dr. Laxman Gnawali

This course aims to equip students with the latest techniques and principles in ELT. Specifically this course is intended to develop an advanced awareness in students of theoretical understanding of methods and techniques in practice. It develops knowledge and skills for teaching different skills and aspects of English.

This module in action research initiative related to Academic Reading and Writing course.  You will read samples, guidelines, and write essays. Once we receive the essays, we will remove your name and re-send to your colleagues, making sure that nobody receives their own. You will edit the essay and resubmit to us. Then it will be followed by the next cycle. We will do it for six rounds: One week one round. We believe that you will respect the deadline.