This course has been designed to impart an in-depth understanding of the subject matter of strategic planning in education. Precisely, this course incorporates the basis for understanding strategic management concepts using a systems approach to strategic management, which has been framed in four distinctive operational levels, viz. environmental assessment, selecting and crafting alternative strategies, establishing proper system for strategy implementation, and finally monitoring, and control mechanism for school effectiveness as a continued process.

This course is about how to use statistical tools and techniques in decision making and research activities in educational contexts. The course utilizes both descriptive and inferential statistical tools and techniques in analysis of data. The course intends to utilize the SPSS computer software to compute. The main objective of the course is to prepare skillful human resource capable to generate result from the software as well as proficient in analyzing those results. The course is designed with a view to prepare students ready to process data in the computer software and present the findings in different forms, analyze the data into suitable forms of tables, charts, graphs, curves and diagrams and the students will be enabled to analyze and interpret results using   descriptive and inferential statistical techniques.

Use of emerging technology to support educational services is increasing around the world. Researches in the field have shown that the technology is ever innovative and has ability to bring dramatic change in the ways of educating pupils. In this context, this course aims at developing understanding of prospective School Principals/Managers on Information Communication Technology (ICT) and its application in academic institutions for the purpose of effective and efficient management/administration. Through the course, students will develop their technical skills in manipulating some of the ICT tools, devices and services that are useful in planning, implementing and managing the core administrative and instructional activities in their schools/colleges. Some of the focus of the course would be School Information Management System (SIMS) and Basic database; Managing ICT Labs and E-Resources; Networking and Web exposure, Virtualization of Learning Environment, Managing IT infrastructure and human resources.

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