M Phil (Educational Leadership)

The students are required to conduct an independent educational research/inquiry based on a defined original research problem, theoretical perspective(s) and sound research design. The process of completing the design entails – proposal defense, completion of the research under the guidance of an assigned supervisor, evaluation by an external examiner, and successful viva-voce.

This course is an introduction to research methodologies used in social science. Students are introduced to systematic scientific inquiry in social science environment. Student will also learn and practice different approaches to conducting research. The course covers quantitative as well as qualitative types of research. Students will also participate in field activities as a part of the course.

This course is aimed at developing academic competency of M.Phil. scholars in writing research papers ultimately leading to thesis write up and conduct of research conference on educational issues. It carries one credit weighting of minimum sixteen hours for formal sessions. The course has been designed to encourage students' independent and proactive participation in carrying out all proceedings of research conference in education. Thus, the focus is on the application of theoretical contents covered in previous two sessions in identifying the educational issues, calling abstract for the conference, writing the abstract, developing the paper, peer review of the abstract and paper and finally the presentation of the paper. Independent writing, classroom discussion, peer review, presentation, library study and field visits are the major activities of the course. The evaluation or grading of the students will be done on the basis of their reflective, critical and meaningful participation in all these events thereby contributing to the success of the course activities.